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Our team of passionate marketers are excited to get you ready to enter the wonderful world of digital marketing!
This is an 8 week experience designed to empower students and give you real world experience in the marketing industry. You’ll walk away understanding the ins and outs of Content Marketing, Paid Media, SEO and more.



Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Get ready to dive headfirst into all things SEO.
You’ll learn all about how to get client’s websites to the top of Google’s search results and use keywords to rank higher! You'll be writing SEO optimised blogs, crafting website copy that delivers results and understanding how to use tools to help you conduct audits to get your client's websites up to scratch! 

Content Marketing

Next, you'll explore the world of content marketing.
From mastering the art of social media and writing killer blog posts to crafting stand out website copy and spot-on branding, you’ll be the ultimate content connoisseur in no time! Trust us, the skills you’ll learn are the secret sauce to any top-notch marketing strategy!

Paid Media

The final stretch of your internship journey is all about paid media!
You’ll be on your way to becoming a pro at setting up campaigns on Facebook and Google Ads that will reach your target audience with precision and accuracy. With TwentyTwo’s help, you’ll become a headline hero and ad copy queen (or king!) in no time!

Join the TwentyTwo team!

Company Perks.

Structured Learning Paths

Become an all-round digital marketer!

TwentyTwo provides our interns with the opportunity to participate in work within different specialities, including SEO, Paid Media, Content Marketing, Branding and more. This way, you’ll know what you like (and what you don't!) helping make your transition into the real world that much easier.

Data-Driven Mindset

We're a bunch of self-proclaimed data nerds!

One of our core values is being data-driven and focused on the numbers. By being a part of the TwentyTwo team, you’re able to gain real world experience and gain insight into the ins and outs of working in the industry, with a numbers focused approach to back you up. You'll feel confident entering the workforce in no time!

Mentorship & Support

You'll have a dedicated mentor every step of the way!

Your mentor will be there to support you and help you understand the nitty gritty of a range of different specialties, plus any other skills or areas you’re dying to learn about! TwentyTwo is all about work life balance as well, so you’re sure to be involved in a few Friday afternoon drinks (or Friday Fun Times as we like to call it) to relax after a busy week of learning!

The Best Team Culture

We certainly bring the fun vibes here at TwentyTwo!

We’re a bunch of data-nerds who love to talk all things marketing. But we do have a bit of fun too! From attending lavish balls and digital marketing conferences, to getting competitive at arcades and indulging in good food and drinks, we truly do it all!


My time as an intern at TwentyTwo was exciting, valuable, and treasured! I was grateful to have an internship tailored to the topics I was most interested in while also learning about topics I hadn't considered before. In my time, I worked on social media management and graphic design, search engine optimisation, and generally learning the work processes of an agency! This proved valuable to me because I learnt about new possibilities in digital marketing and refined skills I'd learnt from uni and other practical experience.

Chelsea Kunst

The University of Queensland

This internship provided me with so many skills that have given me the experience I need to feel confident starting full time work. Throughout the internship I was able to improve on my existing skills and learn a range of new ones. I was able to assist in so many specialty areas from creating of ad campaigns on Facebook and writing SEO optimised blogs to managing social media accounts and designing graphics in Figma. It was such a well-rounded learning experience and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to gain real-world skills while studying at university.

Sarah Smits

The University of Queensland

The TwentyTwo internship gave me valuable insight into the practical side of all things marketing. Unlike the learning experience from university, I was challenged to apply my theoretical learnings in a fast-paced, real-world agency that relied on my skills to develop industry-standard work. Not a lot of internships can offer you a taste tester of all the different areas of marketing - but TwentyTwo gave me the opportunity to work alongside experienced marketers in areas of content marketing, SEO and paid media. I never had to complete monotonous tasks, instead I was always hands-on with the learning experience TwentyTwo offered me. The team at TwentyTwo Digital was always there to watch me grow and learn and I was never treated like a stranger! 10/10 recommend applying!

Kacy Miaco

The University of Queensland

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