Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd holds the top spot as Australia's largest pizza chain. With a global presence in numerous countries, such as New Zealand, The Netherlands, Japan, Germany, and more, Domino's has earned its reputation as a worldwide favourite.

Our Services

The Problem

Domino’s engaged TwentyTwo to own the design and development of strategic eDM A/B testing across the Australian, New Zealand, Japan and European markets. In doing so, TwentyTwo aimed to help identify and report on the most optimal upgradable pizza deals, pricing structures and design elements most likely to resonate with their audience and drive profitability. 

Our primary objective was driving a more effective marketing strategy to boost conversions and generate excitement around their deals. This process included in-depth research, testing of different messaging and eDM formats, and the delivery of highly impressive outcomes that proved immensely beneficial for Domino's. 

The Objective

The Solution

Our first priority was assisting the team with day-to-day Customer Relationship Management (CRM) promotions and implementing eDM, SMS and Push Notifications across AU and NZ markets to promote store campaigns and engaging pizza deals.

We then moved on to the design and delivery of their eDMs, identifying and testing different design elements such as colours to understand what customers responded to most. Through A/B testing strategies, we compared different pricing strategies, upgrade options, and design strategies, reporting to the client on what drove results. Through this approach, we worked with Domino’s to determine the most optimal pricing strategy for upgradable pizza deals. 

Given our overarching objective was to boost conversions we provided thorough reports of CRM activity to demonstrate what we found best resonates and drives profitability in the different markets.

The Results

Since partnering with Domino's, TwentyTwo has achieved remarkable results, driving significant improvements in profitability for both Pick-Up and Delivery orders. We assisted Domino’s to drive results from a CRM perspective, boosting profitability across Push, SMS and EDM channels. With outstanding performance across the board, the team remains committed to maintaining these impressive results and delivering the best possible deals to Domino's customers.

Increased Open Rate
Increased CTR
Increased Revenue

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