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Gravely Australia is a zero-turn mower manufacturer that provides homeowners and businesses with impressive machines built with legendary ingenuity and reliability hard coded into the DNA of every mower. Gravely specialises in designing zero-turn mowers that are easy to learn and operate, shorten mowing times, use less fuel, and cover more ground. 

The main demographic for Gravely is males between the ages of 40-65. The brand showcases a hard-working, experienced, tenacious persona. They are a no-nonsense brand that wants to provide the best of the best when it comes to zero-turn technology.

Our Services

The Problem

Gravely tasked TwentyTwo with launching their brand into Australia, meaning we needed to establish their place in the market effectively. With the creation of their new website, we needed to devise an SEO strategy that would boost their website and start ranking them for important keywords. 

The primary aim of our SEO strategy was to boost Gravely's online presence by ranking prominently in search results for specific keywords like "zero-turn mower," "Gravely mowers Australia," and "commercial & residential zero-turn mowers." To achieve this, we conducted comprehensive keyword research, delving into factors such as search volume and competitiveness. By identifying and focusing on the most relevant and impactful keywords, we sought to give Gravely a competitive edge as it entered the market. Through this approach, we aimed to attract a larger audience to Gravely's products and services, enhancing the brand's visibility and potential for growth in the Australian market.

The Objective

The Solution

Before the launch of Gravely Australia's website, we conducted thorough market research and keyword analysis to develop an effective SEO strategy. Our objective was to increase the website's visibility by attracting higher search volumes. By strategically selecting and targeting relevant keywords, we aimed to drive more organic traffic to the site. We optimised the site structure, hierarchy and URL structure to ensure the website flowed strategically. With a well-researched and confident approach, we were optimistic that our SEO strategy would contribute significantly to the success of Gravely's online presence in the desired market.

The Results

In the initial three months following its launch, Gravely witnessed encouraging outcomes. The brand achieved 1.5K total clicks and 1,772 organic sessions, a clear indication of the immense interest shown by the audience in their products. After the launch, we took proactive steps by conducting a crawlability audit and implementing optimizations. Additionally, we set up hotjar surveys to obtain real-time feedback from website users, focusing on improving the user experience from the outset. The evolution of Gravely's SEO strategy persists, as we continue to enhance their content regularly, ensuring sustained success in the future.

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