22 Questions with Sarah S

It’s been a hot minute since our last edition of the 22 Questions with TwentyTwo series. So, we are beyond excited to introduce a familiar face - Sarah S! We caught up with Lil Sarah to learn some fun facts about her and find out what she gets up to here at TwentyTwo. She even shares some words of wisdom for aspiring Marketing individuals. Say hello to Sarah!

Get To Know Lil Sarah!

1. What is your job title at TwentyTwo?

Junior Marketing and Account Manager.

2. Who or what inspired you to pursue the career that you have today?

I’ve had an interest in social media since high school. I started off my degree in psychology and enjoyed aspects of understanding people’s behaviours which ties in well with marketing and understanding how to reach your audience. I ended up in PR and marketing, inspired by a few courses and lecturers at uni! 

3. It has been nearly a year since you graduated from Uni! What do you miss the most about being a student?

Definitely the flexibility of my schedule. I enjoyed having multiple days off during the week, being able to go on holiday whenever I like and being around my uni friends since I don’t see them as much anymore. 

4. What is your fav spot for after work drinks?!

Soko Rooftop Bar, I love it for its beautiful views especially for those sunset vibes!

5. If you could travel back to one specific point in time, when would it be? Why?

I’d probably go back to my very first year of uni and tell myself to enjoy it while it lasts! You’re not going to get these years back! (very cliche I know). It’s a great place to learn, meet new people, make connections, and expand your own knowledge. 

6. Which game are you a self-proclaimed BOSS at during Friday Funtimes?

I’d say Monopoly Deal because we play it so much in the office. I’ve become a bit of a master in it. 😁

7. You moved to Australia for university, what is one thing that was hard to adjust to? 

The culture shock was more difficult than I had expected, despite my nationality being Australian, I had never lived here before. I thought I knew all the Aussie lingo and slang but I did not! People would say things to me and I was clueless!

8. It’s 10pm on a Friday night, what are you doing?

Karaoke. It’s always karaoke. Everyone who knows me, knows that I am there a little too often! In terms of the best spots, well we have the classic, Music City, another one down the road is Dynamite, you can order drinks and food to your room. So that is where you will find me!

9. I hear you’re a Taylor Swift fan, what is your favourite Taylor era/album and why?

Don’t make me choose! No, I actually do have an answer for this. The album that resonates with me most is Speak Now because that was the first Taylor Swift tour I ever went to. I will be dressing up in that Era when I see her in 2024!

10. You’re heading off on a trip to Hong Kong and India at the end of the year - what are you most looking forward to?

In Hong Kong, I’m looking forward to playing tourist in the city I grew up in! Going to all the attractions and experiencing everything the city has to offer! For India, I’m most looking forward to going somewhere that I haven’t been before. Definitely keen to explore, experience a different culture and try a bunch of food!

11. You have attained the title of the Office Karaoke Queen, the question on everyone’s lips is what is your go to karaoke song?

If I’m going to be putting on a show, my go to karaoke song would have to be Breaking Free from High School Musical. It’s just a classic. I do need someone to duet with, but I am Gabriella all the way. 

Sarah and TwentyTwo 

12. What’s the most exciting part about your role at TwentyTwo?

Being able to work on a range of different clients. I have my own clients but because of the nature of TwentyTwo I can jump around and be on so many different projects at once, learning different specialties, all while developing a range of skills. Becoming more of an all-rounder is exciting!

13. What brand do you think is killing it in the marketing game atm?

Maybelline’s CGI campaigns! At the train stations in London they had a mascara wand sticking out and the train had eye lashes. As it passed it brushed the mascara onto the lashes but it was all CGI! It’s designed with the dimensions to look like it's being filmed on a phone of a passerby. CGI Marketing is becoming such a trend and that campaign has set the tone for other brands and campaigns including Barbie.

14. You were in charge of rebranding the TwentyTwo website! What was the hardest part and most rewarding part of this task? 

Figuring out Webflow and how to actually edit the website was definitely the toughest. I don’t have a background in websites at all so figuring out how to actually use the platform was a big roadblock. Also trying to optimise the website in a way that had all the information we needed without being too content heavy and clunky. I think that’s what also made it rewarding because I was able to overcome it and see the website come to life. Hearing everyone get excited over how it was looking made me feel proud!

15. What is one thing that surprised you about working at TwentyTwo?

Starting out in an agency for the first time, I didn’t have any direct experience in marketing besides what I learnt in Newish and in my degree. So what surprised me the most was TwentyTwo being so nurturing and having that mentor relationship with a lot of the people here. I expected it to be really stressful but I experienced the complete opposite. So I was really pleasantly surprised that there was a lot of guidance, basically just the space to grow which I really appreciated now that I am working full time. 

16. Who would be your dream client to work with?

A dream client would be one that does a mixture of digital marketing but also has the capacity to do cool activations. Honestly any fashion brand, like Beginning Boutique for instance, will do activations of clothing racks in the city asking people to take something. I’d love to work with a client where I can implement out of the box thinking, get the community involved and work with influencers. 

17. What is your biggest distraction while working from home?

My biggest distraction is that I don’t have a designated working space. I don’t have a proper desk set up which doesn’t make me feel as productive. I also associate being at home with relaxing which doesn’t help!

18. In your opinion, what has been the most iconic TwentyTwo-esque outing/celebration?

The office warming party! Having such a big group of people there and playing games in the middle of the office was iconic and so fun!

Sarah’s Advice

19. What is a professional skill you are still trying to master?

Client management is something I'm learning a lot about recently. I’m also learning about Google ads. Now I have my own Google ads client so I am trying to upskill as much as I can.

20. How do you motivate yourself when you're feeling stuck or unproductive?

The great thing about our team is that I can lean on people if I’m really feeling stumped. Everyone is always open for a quick collaboration. Whenever I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, going for a walk really helps too. Being outside in nature, even if it’s still the middle of the Valley! We find our grass patches!

21. What is something interesting you’ve observed while working at an agency?

I’ve realised that every day can be something different, especially given the span of industries we work across. It’s really interesting to observe how we can all still function as a whole working agency while working across all these different clients and projects. 

22. What is your best piece of advice for someone looking to enter the marketing industry?

To jump at every opportunity that’s available to you. Even if you don’t have experience and want to break into the industry, get onto Canva and create a portfolio. Design social posts for different brands you like, write a blog on a topic that interests you. Jump on internships, or part time work - gain whatever experience you can. 

Something that James actually told me when I was first starting out was to show enthusiasm. To succeed you don’t need a lot of experience to actually do well. If you’re passionate and keen to learn - it goes a long way! 

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