5 Tips on Becoming a More Sustainable Office

Creating a more sustainable office environment is important for all businesses. Developing a routine that reduces your impact on the environment is vital to ensure your business is making positive choices that keep our planet safe and healthy. With Keep Australia Beautiful Week fast approaching, TwentyTwo has put together our top five tips on becoming a more sustainable office!

How To Make An Office More Sustainable

Ditch the Plastic

Switching out your single-use plastic is an easy swap to get you started. Bringing your own bottles, lunch containers or coffee cups to work is a great, simple way to eliminate unnecessary plastic waste in the office. You could even consider giving your employees a branded coffee cup or water bottle to encourage them to bring it to work each day!

Turn Off Electronic Devices at Night

Forgetting to turn off computers, printers, or other electronic devices after the work day is done can waste so much energy and will cost you lots of money in the long run. Ensuring your employees turn off their devices when leaving the office is an easy way to cut down your energy consumption.

Add Some Greenery to Your Space

Purchasing plants for your office looks great and cleans the air of carbon dioxide and harmful chemicals. Giving your employees a plant for their desk or putting a few around the office will brighten up the space and keep you safe!

Limit Paper Usage

Printing out every form or contract you need to sign is no longer necessary in the digital age! Instead, with digital signatures widely accepted, you and your employees should opt for e-signatures to reduce paper and ink usage in the office. Plus, having everything online eliminates the need for complicated, messy physical file storage.

Form a Sustainability Team

Having a designated team or individual to organise and monitor office sustainability initiatives is super important. The sustainability team can create lists of priorities, educate their coworkers, and help purchase environmentally friendly office supplies.

Start Making Changes Today

Making these small changes to your office environment adds up and makes a difference to keep our planet healthy. Consider joining the #ContainYourWaste challenge during Keep Australia Beautiful Week and raise awareness about the simple things we can all do to reduce our impact on the environment. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today or visit the Keep Australia Beautiful website.

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