How the Latest LinkedIn Updates Will Affect Your Business

LinkedIn is Working to Keep Companies and Talent Closely Linked

The pandemic has created more than just physical distance, it has created an emotional barrier between people and completely altered the traditional workplace. This has presented itself as both a necessity and an opportunity for companies to try and bridge the divide and adapt to the changing work environment. The latest social platform to provide a solution is LinkedIn.

What are LinkedIn’s New Features

LinkedIn has been introducing new features throughout the year and still has more to come. Some of the key updates that have already been implemented include:

  • Stories: Following the footsteps of other social media giants, LinkedIn has now allowed companies to share stories that stay up for 24 hours, which is great for sharing tips, company updates, or recruitment announcements.
  • Name Pronunciation: LinkedIn now has a feature to help overcome linguistic barriers and awkward conversations. You can now listen to people saying their name correctly and record your own name pronunciation that stays on your profile.
  • Lives: To hold informative conversations about company and industry updates, businesses now have the option to host a live video stream. To access this feature, you need to apply to become a certified live partner, though it's considered very beneficial as it promotes great engagement.
  • Events: Fans of networking and industry events have a great new feature to use on the platform. Businesses can now promote upcoming events and maintain post-event interest with polls, highlights, and sign-ups.

New Ways to Operate Your Company Profile

On top of all of these new features, the latest update also allows companies more ways to share and interact with their employees and even to attract potential talent. This is especially important during a time where people who have been put out of work by the pandemic are searching for their next career move, as LinkedIn allows companies to better communicate why they’re great to work for.

Employee Communication

LinkedIn became aware that many employees were feeling disconnected from their company and coworkers as a result of working from home or remotely. For this reason, they’ve introduced a new section under the “My Company” tab when viewing their company’s LinkedIn profile, which is for employees only. Here, they can keep up with trending posts from their co-workers, allowing them to feel more connected with their teammates as well as in the loop of important company updates.

Share Company Policies

Job seekers are becoming more interested in important company policies and take these into consideration when applying for their next career move. This has been emphasised in the wake of the pandemic as potential employees have a new appreciation for flexibility, adaptability, and balance. A new LinkedIn company feature allows you to advertise new jobs with a new level of transparency. Companies can now display their preferred work model, any benefits, and pay policies on their profile header.

Competition Analysis

The update also includes a customisable competitor analytics tab for company admins. This allows you to compare your company’s performance against up to nine competitors based on followers and content engagements. This helps your company to understand its performance in comparison to similar companies and make recommendations to enhance performance.

Benefits of a Better Company Profile

There’s everything to gain and nothing to lose when it comes to optimising your social media platforms. In this case, you can increase your internal employee relations while simultaneously promoting the sharing of important company updates. This allows your staff to better understand each other and the brand and encourages them to share company content with their own connections.

When hiring for upcoming roles, your company can stand out with its great transparency about important company-related information. This helps connect you with high-quality, suitable candidates, reducing time on recruitment and interviewing processes.

The effective implementation and analysis of new analytical tools will help your business to more effectively interact with the desired audience. A refined social strategy guided by data and insights will be beneficial for increasing brand awareness, improving brand perceptions, and a deeper understanding of your audience’s wants.

How to Update your LinkedIn Profile

Companies with over 10 employees will be able to enable the “My Company” tab for employees to interact with coworkers’ trending posts and view important company updates.

To update your company policies on your LinkedIn Profile, simply navigate to your company’s admin view and click the “Edit Page” button. Navigate to the “Workplace” tab and enable the Workplace Module and follow the prompts to reflect your policies.

If you’d like to better understand how your company compares to your competitors, go to the “Analytics” header and click the “Competitors” tab. LinkedIn will automatically generate a list of competitors, which you can adjust with the “Edit Competitors” button.

Keep Up-to-Date

The social platforms we all operate on are constantly evolving and updating, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on new features to keep your competitive edge. At TwentyTwo we are continually learning about new features that can help our clients achieve their goals. To keep on top of these updates, be sure to check out news articles and read blogs, just like this one!

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