Internships at TwentyTwo: Ruby’s Experience

Whilst studying at university, the thoughts of entering the job market can feel extremely nerve wracking. Do I have the experience, knowledge and confidence to enter a job after I graduate?

That’s where an internship comes in handy.

The beginning of 2024 marked the beginning of the third year of my degree - Bachelor of Business Management (Marketing) and Communications (PR). As an undergraduate, I have always sought out opportunities that would complement the theoretical knowledge I have acquired from university. After gaining experience in the social media space, I was eager to expand my skills in key marketing disciplines including SEO, Content Marketing and Paid Media.

When I heard about TwentyTwo’s internship program that was going to give me the experience that I was seeking, I immediately applied.

The internship exceeded my expectations and more, let me tell you why.

The Experience

From day one, I knew I was in for an amazing experience that would be invaluable for both my career and personal growth.

The team at TwentyTwo understand what students are looking to gain - hands on experience and a solid understanding of different marketing areas. The internship was split into three main phases, and it was incredibly rewarding to focus on each milestone every two weeks, then put those skills into action.

This also meant that no two days were the same and I was constantly growing, reflecting and building off my previous learnings.

During the course of my internship, I had the opportunity to write SEO-optimised blogs, create social media content and even set up my own Facebook and Google ad campaigns. Looking back on how much I have accomplished over the short seven weeks makes me extremely proud to see how far I have come.

Not only was I able to improve my ‘hard’ skills and gain a broad skill set, but I also developed my ‘soft’ skills including time management, communication, problem-solving and creativity.

The TwentyTwo Team Culture

Although the technical aspects and skills gained during an internship are important, my time at TwentyTwo emphasised the significance of team dynamics and company culture.

From the very beginning, I felt welcomed by the whole team. On my first day, I was greeted with smiling faces, a decorated desk and a team lunch. I developed strong relationships and friendships, with lots of laughs and fun times. From Friday games to lunchtime walks, the positive work atmosphere is what made the experience so special.

Key Takeaways

As for professional and personal takeaways, my list could go on and on… But if I had to sum it up, here are my three key takeaways.

1. You get out what you put in
While internships provide guidance and assigned tasks, the real difference lies in how you approach and engage with them. Don’t be afraid to get involved, share your ideas, and ask questions. Remember, internships are about learning, so allow yourself the time to grasp the concepts thoroughly.

2. Gain as much real-world experience as possible
The practical experience gained during my internship allowed me to draw on the knowledge I had gained in my university classes. Working on real-world tasks and being exposed to the working environment gave me confidence in my abilities.

3. Don't let imposter syndrome get in the way
As students it is common to doubt your abilities outside of the classroom. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and allowing myself to learn led me to feeling proud of the work I was producing.

Take the next step in your career

The last 7 weeks at TwentyTwo were filled with valuable learnings that have influenced my career trajectory.

During my time at TwentyTwo, I gained hands-on experience in disciplines that were entirely new to me that I now have a growing interest in. I cannot thank the team enough for having me on board, confirming my passion for marketing and excitement to enter the industry.

My recommendation to any current students who are looking to take the next step in their career is to apply for the TwentyTwo Internship today. It’s an opportunity you won’t regret!

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