Super Ads of the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is a recognisable event across borders and seas - well known for the high-spirited atmosphere, stall of food, and of course The Big Game itself. On top of this, the half-time show is a cultural icon, with extravagant performances from the biggest celebrities and even news-worthy commercials. Companies are paying fortunes to get their name up on the big screens, with more than 168 million viewers tuning in. Let’s dive into some of the big-league commercials that hit the field this year.

Alexa The Mind Reader

Here’s a thought we’re all familiar with: is technology reading your mind? Amazon leaned into this with their Amazon Alexa Mind Reader short. Featuring Scarlett Johansson, the commercial shows Alexa’s ability to reprogram the household electronics to set the mood for The Big Game. Her impressive ability makes Scarlett and her partner question “Can she read our minds?” A series of scenarios depict Alexa turning applications on and off, setting reminders, or making announcements unprovoked, causing friction between the couple. It ends on the note of “it’s probably best she can’t!” Check it out below.

Planet Fitness Gym In Your Life

Companies may be hesitant to work with celebrities who have had a scandalous history. However, Planet Fitness found the perfect way to feature Lindsay Lohan for promoting the benefits of joining a gym. The ad effectively used Lohan’s infamous past to highlight how the gym has changed her and improved her lifestyle so much that everyone is questioning “What’s Gotten into Lindsay Lohan?” Packed with giggle-worthy scenes, lines, and pop culture references, this commercial sure was a touchdown. Get on your exercise bike, and give it a watch!

Lay’s Golden Memories

Nostalgia is a hard-hitting and universal emotion. Lay’s used this powerful emotion in their Golden Memories commercial, which depicts comedians Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan reflecting on several ridiculous situations. The memorable and outrageous scenarios are attention-grabbing while also suggesting Lay’s chips are a perfect snack no matter the time, place, or situation. The rich combination of humour, nostalgia, and ridiculousness ensured that Lay's delivered a worthwhile commercial for the big screen. Join Rudd and Rogan for a wander down Golden Memories lane.

Hellman’s Food Waste

A strong commercial with a strong message and … a strong linebacker. Hellmann set out to tackle the issue of food wastage, promoting more sustainable cooking habits. This ad delivers attention-grabbing and creative solutions to its audience by showing ways they can transform their leftovers into meals that feature Hellmann’s mayonnaise and other condiments. Not only this, but it incorporates big-name celebrities, including trending Pete Davidson, who even references the latest celeb gossip, “I’m very hittable.” You’re going to want to sit down for this ad!

The Lazy Ones

It’s easier to sit back and relax when you find every shortcut possible in life. That’s why Cutwater sends out a message of admiration for “The Lazy Ones,” who tenderise their meat with a massage gun, ice their drinks with an icicle, or have their roomba deliver their cocktail in a can. This encapsulates the main selling point of Cutwater, enjoying a bar-quality cocktail with the only step being opening the can. Kick back and watch their commercial (if you can be bothered (worth it, though!)).

Stuck with Pringles

Any chip connoisseur will be well-versed in the struggle of the Pringles can. The tiny can is known for trapping snackers’ hands as they reach for the final Pringles. This Super Bowl, the company showed the life story of a young man whose hand became stuck and having to continue through life’s rites of passages with a Pringles can attached to his forearm. The relatable, humorous, and well-branded commercial was a hit among the audience. Grab your Pringles and get stuck into the ad below.

The hard-hitters

With so many viewers and a hefty price tag, there's a great deal of pressure on companies to deliver high-quality commercials. These major brands did well to score raving-reviews from ad critics and consumers alike. Big production campaigns are time, money, and resource consuming, but it's been shown that if executed well, they have huge rewards! Which was your favourite from the Super Bowl 2022?

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