The Best April Fools Marketing Campaigns of 2024

Marketers will take any opportunity to drive brand awareness and create conversation, and April Fool’s Day is no exception. 

Each year, we see brands use April 1st to craft elaborate campaigns, be cheekily deceptive about their products and even test ideas with their consumers. 

Let’s talk about our favourites from 2024 and why they were successful.

Spicy Sprite

We have all experienced or at least heard about the debate surrounding the taste of McDonald’s Sprite. Often described as ‘spicier,’ Sprite cleverly tapped into this conversation in their April Fools’ Day stunt. The brand shared a photo on X of a Limited Edition McDonald’s Spicy Sprite can, demonstrating that they understood their audience by capitalising on the current talk surrounding the brand, 

McDonald’s even joined the joke by responding to the mock graphic. Its authentic appearance made it even more successful, blurring the lines between reality and humour.

Image Source: Sprite

Spotify’s Spotify Matched

Finding love on a music platform? This year Spotify developed its ‘Spotify Matched’ campaign, leveraging the concept of dating apps where users can find their perfect match through similar listening behaviours. The brand launched a photoshopped billboard on social media, generating music lovers' attention. This stunt was effective through its ability to hop on board the personalisation trend whilst developing user connections and interactions.

Image Source: Spotify Aus/NZ

Subway Footlong Fairy Bread

Our jaws dropped when we saw this; we know ‘hundreds and thousands’ of yours did too. Subway's campaign perfectly tapped into the cultural relevance of the Aussie delicacy, Fairy Bread. They honed in on their audience and gave them the nostalgia they craved. 

With their audience's engagement, this might just end up on the menu.

Image Source: Subway Australia

Duolingo On Ice

Duolingo never fails to impress with their April Fools stunts, and their latest campaign may have just taken the medal. The favoured language-learning platform put on a show - quite literally - with a frosty twist on the iconic Disney on Ice. 

The brand developed ‘Duolingo on Ice’ and teased the show through a video released on April 1st. Featuring their trademark green owl mascot skating on the ice to the tunes of beloved musical numbers, this ‘multilingual musical’ pushed the boundaries of creativity, drawing association and driving engagement.

Hi Smile/Vegemite

Luring in all Vegemite lovers, Hi Smile generated engagement with their limited edition Vegemite toothpaste campaign. Collaborating with the iconic brand Vegemite, they sparked conversations and developed controversy over the unconventional blend of toothpaste and the Vegemite flavour - a bold move that hundreds actually loved. Resonating with the Aussie staple, Hi Smile reinforced its identity as an authentic Australian brand with this cheeky stunt.

Image Credit: HiSmile

Grill’d ‘Egg-stra’ Burger

Grill’d's 'Egg-stra burger' certainly sparked engagement with the social media post of their newest breakfast menu addition. With April Fools coinciding with Easter Monday this year, Grill’d tapped into the holiday spirit, weaving a clever Easter theme into their promotion.

Image Credit: Grill'd

These campaigns prove that creativity is limitless and that understanding the current conversation surrounding your brand is key to grasping their attention. Who knows, perhaps these innovative stunts will transition from a concept to reality! 

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