The Best Halloween Campaigns of 2021

Seasonal holidays are hot topics in marketing. They are a great opportunity to increase brand awareness and boost sales with fun promotions. Halloween is no exception, with the spooky season inspiring a whole bunch of exciting campaigns across social media and other platforms. Let’s have a look at our five favourite Halloween Campaigns of 2021!

Chipotle Boorito Metaverse

It’s no secret that traditional marketing has quickly shifted in favour of digital and social media marketing, but some brands have been going a step further! This Halloween American fast food giant, Chipotle, dove straight into metaverse advertising.

For their Halloween promotion, Chipotle challenged online video game Roblox users to dress in branded costumes and escape a spooky maze to compete for a free burrito. This campaign was highly successful in engaging consumers in a unique experience and a major metaverse accomplishment, as Chipotle claims the first virtual-storefront in Roblox.

Burger King’s Witching Hour

In their Halloween campaign, Burger King’s witching hour apparitions promise to take away your sleep… and hunger. With a commercial reminiscent of a paranormal movie trailer, Burger King hits the brief on the head!

The scream worthy commercial presents their mouth watering free meal promotion, which challenges the audience to download the Burger King app and order at the witching hour - 3am. Their scream-curdling promotion geniusly increased app downloads, usage, and visitors!

McDonald’s Spooky Menu

With iconic colours and menu items, McDonald’s has become an easily recognisable player in the market. These iconic brand elements have been the inspiration for amazing advertising campaigns all year-round. That’s why it’s no surprise their Halloween advertising was exceptional!

Keeping their campaign to a visual experience, McDonald’s featured their most popular menu items with a spooky twist. Their Trick or Cheese and fang-tastic graphics were sure to leave anyone’s stomach growling with hunger and searching for the nearest McDonald’s!

Domino’s Pizza Roulette

Last year, Domino’s ran a hot campaign for Halloween, promising the best ‘Trick’ on their Halloween feast. This trick went down such a treat that it returned this year for only one week leading up to Halloween.

Their fun promotion dared customers to ‘roll the spice dice’ in a game of pizza roulette. The trick? One slice of the pizza would feature their hottest sauce, made from the hottest chilli, the Carolina Reaper Chilli Pepper. This fun campaign encouraged consumers to order their own pizza roulette and participate in a game with their friends - a real treat!

Fanta’s Trick

Fanta in the Europacific is on its way to making Fanta as iconic at Halloween as CocaCola is for Christmas. To do this, they plan creative and engaging experiences for their consumers online and in-store. Some of their favourite tricks and treats include special packaging, transformed in-store displays, and digital and interactive experiences.

This year, Fanta pulled out all the tricks to create a multi-faceted experience for their consumers. Combining spooky packaging graphics, fun competitions, and a great jump-scare advertisement, Fanta nailed the Halloween brief! Check out their advertisement below to see how they got a kick out of their customers.

Even though the biggest and baddest campaigns came out of America and Europe, Halloween is quickly becoming more and more popular on Australian soil! We are big fans of creative and engaging seasonal campaigns at TwentyTwo Digital - just check out our fun Halloween launch with Doughnut Time! Don’t miss out on upcoming festivities for your business! Contact us today to plan your next promotion.

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