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Ethos Orthodontics is a Brisbane-based orthodontic group with nine practices across Brisbane. Ethos provides a unique, tailored approach to their patient care, offering a range of treatments for adults, teens and children. Patients' health and comfort are at the centre of Ethos practices as they work closely to understand patients’ goals - ensuring they provide the best orthodontic experience possible.

The main demographic of Ethos is females between 25-45, many of whom have young families. The brand is family-oriented, wholesome, and happy. We wanted to ensure these values were consistent across the new Smile Seeker app.

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The Problem

Our main challenge was that the existing SmileSeeker app no longer aligned and integrated with other Ethos experience interfaces, such as Ethos Excite and Embrace Life apps. To ensure this, we prioritised brand consistency in the new SmileSeeker app, utilising Ethos brand colours that patients are familiar with and incorporating the cheerful, fun personality that Ethos is known for. 

Our objective was to rebuild the SmileSeeker app for Ethos Orthodontics to establish a strong brand identity by presenting Ethos' caring persona while still offering valuable tools. While the app's features, such as the toothbrushing timer and the request for an appointment, remained on the app, we wanted to refresh the designs to create a more modern feel to the interface. Creating something that scaled with Ethos was important as they grew their community and expanded across practices. The improved Smile Seeker app would act as an additional way for patients to have as much information as possible to help them feel comfortable throughout their entire treatment. 

The Objective

The Solution

We decided to relaunch the app with updated features and present them in a more accessible way with stunning visuals to match. Our central goal was a user-friendly design for Ethos patients and the internal team. We striked the perfect balance between the practical side with the appointment booking feature and the videos addressing common braces problems and the fun, innovative side with the 'Evaluate your Smile' feature. We wanted to encourage as many downloads as possible, so every person who downloaded the Smile Seeker app before March 31st 2021, went into the running to win a Google Home.

The Results

We successfully built the hype around the new and improved SmileSeeker app, with the Announcement Video reaching 48,416 and gaining 117,573 impressions. We are proud to say that the Ethos Smile Seeker app achieved 481 downloads during the campaign launch period. In terms of eDM results, we received 7,780 Total Opens and 1,517 Total Clicks among existing users. Finally, our frequent app updates establish a strong sense of brand understanding while creating an entertaining experience for patients, highlighting the importance of oral health and proper care.

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