Society of St Andrew of Scotland Queensland

The Society of St Andrew of Scotland is a society for Australians with Scottish heritage to celebrate Scottish culture. Based in Queensland, this Society is one of many independent organisations around the world committed to maintaining their Scottish tradition among good company.

The Society of St Andrew of Scotland is an association dedicated to honouring Scottish culture for individuals of Australian descent with Scottish heritage. This Brisbane-based Society is just one of the many self-governing organisations worldwide devoted to preserving their Scottish customs while enjoying the company of like-minded individuals.

The Problem

The client sought support to promote their 75th Anniversary Ball, which took place at Brisbane City Hall on August 27, 2022. They required assistance making their website more user-friendly and memorable, guiding visitors to the relevant information about the event. Additionally, they wanted assistance establishing a more cohesive online presence via social media. 

Our primary objective was to develop a more effective marketing strategy to boost ticket sales and generate excitement for the event. In addition, we aimed to establish a strong online presence for The Society by creating new social media profiles and event pages while also reaching out to a previously unexplored audience of younger individuals who share an interest in Scottish heritage and customs.

The Objective

The Solution

Our first priority was to design a new Brand Style Guide for the event to ensure all messaging was cohesive. Next, we created a new landing page on the client’s website as a centralised location for all information about the ball. We designed numerous organic posts and a paid traffic campaign leading up to the event to reach the target audience and create excitement. Email marketing was also implemented to increase attendance and encourage ticket sales. Finally, we designed printed collateral to present on the night such as welcome notes, menus, programs and more. 

The Results

Organic and Paid Media: Our paid media campaign solidified our new branding strategy and encouraged community engagement. As a result, we saw significant increases in social traffic, engagement and followers throughout the campaign. With an ad spend of $600 for the campaign period, we reached over 62,000 people and received 2,509 link clicks.

Email Marketing: Our email correspondence was an excellent way to nurture their existing audience for the Ball. The eDM campaign data shows that our email marketing strategy had consistently high open rates for all five eDMs.

Printed Collateral: Our printed table pieces were the perfect addition to the function’s decor as they aligned with the rest of our marketing style and proved to be the perfect cherry on top to bring together the entire campaign.

Open Rate
Paid Media Reach
Link Clicks

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