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Studio Pilates International provides high intensity, low impact workouts that focus on muscle-burning and total body sculpting reformer Pilates. Their fast-paced, 40 minute workouts are scientifically-based and designed to keep customers challenged mentally and physically. With their innovative digital technology and world-class instructors, Studio Pilates promises a workout that delivers results.

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The Problem

Studio Pilates faced a challenge in terms of limited brand knowledge within the global landscape. Despite their success in local markets, they recognised the need to expand their reach and establish a strong presence on an international scale.

Our main goal revolved around generating interest, fostering awareness, and generating leads on a global scale. Originating in Brisbane, Studio Pilates swiftly emerged as one of Australia's largest Pilates studios. With an impressive presence spanning 78 studios across Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and China, they have experienced remarkable growth. With their sights set on expansion, TwentyTwo was eager to explore new opportunities for growth and extend their reach further.

The Objective

The Solution

Our contribution to Studio Pilates’ expansion involved laying the foundation by devising a comprehensive Google Ads strategy. This encompassed crafting compelling ad copy and conducting experiments with various ad formats. By carefully analysing the market landscape, we identified promising avenues for growth and tailored our ad language to suit the specific requirements of diverse global markets. Through this approach, we aimed to maximise the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and optimise their outreach efforts to attract and engage audiences worldwide.

The Results

One of Studio Pilates main goals was to generate interest and ultimately more leads on a national and global level. Studio Pilates is now present in 5 countries, with over 1,000 leads in Australia and over 500 leads in the US. These numbers are continuing to grow in both regions. In the last 18 months there has been a 300% increase in US leads via submitted forms and a 330% increase in Australia. This demonstrates Studio Pilates' movement towards establishing their presence on an international scale. We also reached 6.6 million ad impressions across all ads suggesting that our ad copy and formats were successful in building brand awareness.

Leads (Australia)
6.6 Million
Ad Impressions
Increase in Submission Form Leads

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