The Client

Established in 1995, Swift Performance has grown to supply athletes, coaches, and clubs with top of the line products and the latest in sports tracking technologies. Swift has remained ahead of the game with innovative features and products while being the only company offering a fully functioning dual-beam laser-based timing/agility measurement system.

"Swift Performance exists to better improve the performance of athletes across all sports and levels. We empower teams to accomplish the unbelievable with high power technology and advanced analytics. Founded in 1994 with round-the-world services and systems."

The Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) is an incorporated non-profit organisation and the peak national body for strength and conditioning (S&C) professionals in Australia. The ASCA provides coaching programs for all levels of coaches – these programs are registered with the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS), which is administered by Sport Australia (SportAus). ASCA invited Swift as a guest keynote supporter for the ASCA Conference held in November 2020. 

The Objective 

Swift Performance partnered with TwentyTwo to improve the company’s digital presence and to create branded collateral for the ASCA Conference that reflected the business’s core values. In order to successfully achieve this, the partnership was broken down into four phases. It was crucial the initial phase was executed correctly to establish a solid foundation, to then execute the following phases effectively. An extension of this was to develop branded collateral for the ASCA Conference. We set out to leverage their existing brand to further develop a new look and feel which was then rolled out across the company.

The Challenge 

Our challenge was to create compelling branded collateral for the ASCA Conference that reflected Swift’s culture and aligned with the business’s three core values: no problem is unsolvable, innovate and iterate, and authenticity above all else. In addition, we set out to develop a message that would speak to both key target audiences: coaches and athletes. For coaches, it was about their athletes achieving greater results whereas for athletes, it was about them challenging themselves.

The Solution 

TwentyTwo worked closely with Swift to provide a solution that accurately reflected the company’s culture and aligned with the business’s three core values. TwentyTwo considered the needs of both audiences and crafted the unique messaging of ‘Beyond your personal best.’ The key message communicates strength and success for both coaches and athletes. 

Creative Design 

Colour and shape psychology was strategically implemented into the designs to ensure the branded collateral accurately reflected Swift’s culture and aligned with the brand’s core values. A darker red was implemented into the designs to create a richer feel and to resemble quality. Red is the colour of energy, passion, and action. It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination. It excites the emotions and motivates people to take action. Therefore, it was a natural decision to further implement various shades of red into the creative. The faint, opaque rings resemble stability, endurance, and the ability to track depth. 

Micro Guide 

A Micro Guide was developed to outline key colours, images, fonts, and design elements to ensure consistency across the brand messaging and brand identity. The new look was then rolled out across the Swift website and social media platforms to encourage brand recognition.

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